Other Laser Eye Surgery

Have you heard of other surgeries from PRK, SMILE, Epi-LASIK, LASEK and PresbyLASIK? Learn more about these other laser surgeries to correct refractive errors.


woman getting botox injections near eyelids
Drooping eyelids after Botox

Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscles closely surrounding the injection site, which can have negative side effects, including drooping eyelids.

Retinal detachment surgery

Scheduling retinal detachment surgery as soon as possible is critical to minimizing your risk of vision loss. There are three types of detached retina surgery.

New retinal implants show promise for treating blindness

Swiss engineers have developed retinal implant technology that could restore some sight for people with retinal blindness.

Detached retina recovery

After detached retina surgery, it can take several weeks or months for someone’s vision to fully recover, but most discomfort will go away within the first week.