Buying Sunglasses

There are many important factors to consider when purchasing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Learn more from our following articles.


sunglasses warranty sticker
What’s the best warranty you can get on a pair of sunglasses?

When shopping for brand name and designer sunglasses, weigh the various warranty coverage terms. Some brands, including Costa, Oakley and Sunski, offer more extensive warranties.

4 best sunglasses for driving in 2023

The best sunglasses for driving in 2023 should reduce or eliminate glare and enhance contrast. They should also provide an unobstructed field of view.

Fake Wayfarer sunglasses: How to spot them

Authentic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses cost more. Learn some easy ways to spot fake Wayfarers, which could put your vision at risk.

Can I purchase insurance for sunglasses?

Can you buy insurance for sunglasses? Explore All About Vision's article on sunglasses insurance for designer sunglasses, if they’re lost, stolen or damaged.