Soft Contact Lenses

Most people love the convenience and immediate comfort of soft contact lenses. Learn more about these contacts to see if the following is the right fit for you.


Woman holding her eyeglasses and looking off to the horizon.
Why You Need Spare Glasses or Contact Lenses

It’s smart to have a backup pair of glasses and contacts. Accidents happen at home or traveling. Here are few scenarios where those backups can come in handy.

Traveling with your contact lenses? These 9 tips will help

Nine travel tips for contact lenses include pack a backup pair of lenses or glasses, and your prescription. Another tip? Don't wear your contacts in the water.

Daily vs. monthly contacts: Which are better for you?

Daily vs monthly contacts? Our guide looks at the differences in contacts when it comes to how long they last, safe for overnight use, cost and care.

Understanding your contact lens prescription

Learn how to read your contact lens prescription and whether you are legally entitled to a copy of your prescription for contacts.